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ZERO WASTE SPACE | in an urban garden

[ ZERO WASTE SPACE | in an urban garden ]

A healthy microeconomic system in which the natural laws find their place and no plastic follows a Zero / Low Waste approach with which a Cradle to Cradle circulation is installed. Cradle to Cradle contains the comprehensive way of thinking that everything stands with each other in connection and the elements go over into each other or are preserved in the material circulation in different forms.

The cultivation of plants occurs above all by a close to nature concept, because only natural nearness allows real autarky. All materials which must be added permanent artificially produce dependence, because they don’t belong to the system and have to be acquired all the time. This is mainly dependence on industry products like filter which produce in the lasting use again garbage which are not biodegradable.

In my garden there are several zones which illustrate according to a certain principle areas of life. In each zone are different plants plant which correspond to a special element. A Low Waste cooking place is installed in which my cultivated food can be processed. Tea from own garden, salad or herbs for the physical well-being and fresh berries are products of the healthy circulations in which the close to nature, zero waste water recycling is set up – as installations and usable objects.

[ ZERO WASTE KITCHEN | water recycling installation ]

The Zero Waste Kitchen is a water recycling installation with precipitation. Here I create a circularory system for a self- suficient plasticfree kitchen works with natural material. I try to transfer all materials in a cycle and use it again.


On 11 | 2017 I started with a small selection of six water treatment plants in a basin – Phragmitis communis/austral. | Schilfrohr; Iris pseudacorus | Wasserschwertlilie; Typha latifolia | Breitblättriger Rohrkolben; Acorus calamus | Kalmus; Scirpus lacustris | Flechtbinse and Juncus effusus | Sumpfgras. These plants are in a small garden and form the beginning of water recycling installations, which will gradually grow with further test models.

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