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The walls are included in the arrangement of the interior design. The flat walls are given strips as well as color to connect the walls with the furniture and to form all to a composition.

Although it doesn’t look like much work, but the strips I attached to the wall on the door side cost me a lot of fine work, because I transferred the angles of the roof slopes with paper. But it was a lot of fun because my skills are always evolving as a result of this work.

I colored the wall in a night gray tone that matches perfect to the color of the furniture and the water area. The rest of the wood stays in the natural bright color to have a balance.

My Tiny House must be of full life and plants. I need the living, freshness and growing around myself because it conjures a special atmosphere. It lends personal to the inside.

I have fallen in love with the chair right away. If I must consider too long whether it fits or not, then it’s not the right thing yet. It must be immediately love. And now it stands this beautiful and mega comfortable armchair in my house and I’m glad about the many hours in which I can spend time with him and look through the floor-to-ceiling window. Whether the sun seems or it rains, by open window I can look directly in my small garden and enjoy the atmosphere.

tiny housetiny house


The partition existing of wooden strips gives the whole lightness and by the transparency the space grows optically. The optically light partition breaks up the spatial separation. In addition, it’s very decorative and a nice colour partner to dark bluegrey of the walls. I leave the strips in the bright beige..

tiny housetiny house


Over the 1 1/2 years in which I own the Tiny House the meaning of the Tiny Houses has changed to a workspace. Initially my idea about a life in a Tiny House consisted of partitioning all areas of my life on 10 square metres. Split after their time part.

I assigned the space which I gave the single areas, to a technical value, stressed the multifunctionality and ignored a little bit the comfort zone. In the use I missed the muse.

Still, I maintain the flexibility, however, now it moves more in the background, because I give the „freedom in the creative work“ the priority. I want to be able to extend when I work, because it takes a meaningful part of my life – as well as plants. Before the field of work with the smaller folding tables was as big as all the other cupboards which I needed, actually, less. Now it gets by a bigger table more space and I can remove it any time, because the tabletop are removable and the legs are foldable up. The chairs are folding chairs and both is stowed away in 5min beside the stair.

When the Indian summer has move in, the evening sun throws an especially beautiful light.Not only in my garden but also in my Tiny House the sun conjures an especially warm atmosphere. Through the floor-to-ceiling windows comes much warm light to the inside and lets everything gleam softly.

The self-built space partition looks great and lets seem by his open structure still a lot of light on my desk and illuminates the remaining space. Here I sit with pleasure and look through the windows in my garden.

tiny house

tiny house

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