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The careless with water and the delicate circulatory system of nature have an effect to every live. But this is not in the consciousness of every human.The skimming from natural water sources, treatment and supply of drinking water, the direct drain after use and cleaning of contaminated water are outside of the visible and disappear behind the thick walls of our apartment.

In Western societies the privatized supply and disposal with water and the production of drinks by large companies like Nestle which can be a lucrative business only by water- and landgrabbing, are created structures that remove the care about our water and strengthen the associated dependency relationships from the big companies.

The autonomous self supply with water is another idea of outsiders and still associated intellectually with a lifestyle, which rejects the form of the civil society.
It lies in the missing link of the hydrological cycle to our lives, in a not sufficiently well designed system, as well as a missing integration in a cleverly designed minimalist house, which fits into the demands of our society.
The relieving supply and disposal of a house with water has also meant that we no longer know what biological and chemical processes behind a water circulation and processing are available and we don’t trust us to develop our own systems.


To overcome this hurdle and to promote the empowerment of each individual, we build the THE GREEN TINY HOUSE with a self-sufficient, self developed and sustainable grey water treatment system. The architecture of the tiny house in the exterior and interior is so constructed that it allows access to the knowledge and shows how selfmade sustainable technology can be combined with design. The system is being constructed as a outer wall at the front of the house and is visible from the outside. The filter system is transparently built into the wall and is accessible by shifting into a wall for those interested.


The THE GREEN TINY HOUSE emerges in three stages. In cooperation with the company RESPACE, the RETINY is built as a basic tiny house which will be developed to the THE GREEN TINY HOUSE. The RETINY has an extension with a function wall in which a prototype of a grey water treatment system will be constructed that the tiny house supplies self-sufficient with water. The Interior will be built in cooperation with other artists, architects and craftsmen.


In addition to the wall the special of the house is a bridge. The bridge is a platform under the house through the tiny house can stand freely without a trailer. The concept was developed by RESPACE.
For the transport a trailer is driven under the bridge, the bridge is secured on the trailer and the trailer will be removed after the transport. Through the bridge the tiny house stands stable on four legs. The load by the weight and the movement in the house is evenly distributed. The trailer is unloaded by the independence and can even be replaced. Repairs of the trailer and the house are so much easier.

More information about the basic tiny house:

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