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Sometimes you only need tasty food to enjoy the moment. The dish looks phantastic on my upcycling chair amd with the ceramics from meatplussomething. Slices of baked pumpkin and onions with fluffy cream cheese (“Frischkäse Wölkchen”), chili oil roasted pumpkin seeds and goji beeries.
| seasonal | regional | zero waste |

tiny housetiny hous

For my breakfast I baked sweet apples under a blanket of oats mixed with nuts and sunflower seeds, vegan butter, marple syrup and cinnamon.
Baked Apple with Granola | seasonal | regional | zero waste | vegan |

tiny housetiny hous

A hot soup is sometimes the best food you can have if its cold outside. The soup warms my soul and my stomach and I recharge with energy after I worked outside during cold weather.
Smoked peppers soup with selfmade vegan “Bratwurst” crumble, topped with olive oil, sesame seeds and fresh onion leek | zero waste | vegan |

tiny housetiny hous

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