Measurements start with the „Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2018“ | HTW | June 2018. During „Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften“ on 09 | 06 in the HTW I carry out experiments with the show gardens “Garden according to P. Franchino | Water recycling with activated carbon, gravel and sand” and “Garden | Water recycling with plants”.

With a minimum number of participants of 5 the experiments take place by three appointments in the „urban guarden“ of the HTW. For the registration there will be lists for the participants on the info stand of the garden on which the participants can sign up during the „Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften“. Times: 18:30 o’clock | 19:30 o’clock | 20:30Uhr


For the experimental experience of the active principle of the concept according to P. Franchino and the single materials the show garden enables to carry out several different tests with different filter materials and filter combinations. The buckets used in the draught were transformed in a system which allows an open access to be able to observe the processes during the cleaning. In a half-open rain channel located on the roof filters can be used in layers and be inferred in any order and amount.

The show garden is a part of my laboratory garden which is built up directly beside my Tiny House near the Reinbeckhallen in Berlin Schöneweide. My laboratory garden is an accessible garden in which I introduce several different concepts for a sustainable water recycling. The small models with which the knowledge about water recycling is learnable experimentally stand on a lawn. Visitors can look here the different draughts.


With the water treatment plants own grey water can be cleaned. But how exactly does this work? How long do the plants need to remove the soap which is in the water? How clean does become the water? How many waters can clean the plants?

The show garden will be introduced by the „long night of the sciences in 2018“ in the HTW. At 18:30 o’clock I will start with the first measurements and take sequential other samples to understand how the plants influence the water.