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The fall created some beautiful indian summer days. I used this time to experiment with old palet wood to avoid wood garbage and build furniture for my garden and my tiny house. Here in Berlin you can find so many palets people throw away which you can use for build new things. I built with this wood two tables and several chairs and I love them a lot. Because you can see my love and aspiration to bring back their value.


It was a beautiful warm summer in which the corona crisis moved a little bit into the background. But I reduced my contacts, stayed in the town and concentrated myself on the projects for the next year. Also I had time for experimenting with new project ideas. With Michael I have teamed up for an evening for experimenting with a new kind of cuisine. The Zero Waste approach can be thought much further and brought into a holistic concept for a sustainable lifestyle that continues to think and transforms consumption into holistic cycles. This first evening was an idea of what a “fine dining” with regional and seasonal foods can look like and be placed in an organizational framework so that Zero Waste is more than “avoiding garbage”. And it was a great evening so that I will develop this concept on and looking forward to the next steps.


The Corona crisis crashed into my life and changed everything. I had to give up all my projects for this year and to think about the next steps. Every event I planned disappeared from my calendary. During the first time I could not think about my projects because I didn’t know how to deal this crisis. The shutdown was like a stop during you drive very fast with a car. March and april were months of carring, inner contemplation and rest. The may is the month of new ways.

[ WINTER 2019/2020 | SILENCE ]

During the winter time was the garden sleeping. The naked trees and soil reminds me to the time when I arrived the Altes Kesselhaus in april 2019 and everything was new. Nothing was on my rented space and I had to clean up so that I can start with my garden. The first steps are made and I grow with my project.

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