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If we deal with the AUTARKY, we can identify that the deep core and holistic being is shaped by an independency which moves the spirit and the body into a state of self-determination, sovereignty and freedom of choice. The relation to a voluntariness allows us as a sovereign to choose the distance to the other independently and to form the respect under the perspective of free circumstances and other points of view. Extracting our dependence from a relation (in ourself and to other) gives her an other content and form and fills her with respect and decency.

If we want to define ourselves as autonomous, our task consists of „determining ourselves as a being capable of mind and capable of freedom“ and in acting accordingly ethically. At the same time the autonomy doesn‘t release us from our social and ecological responsibility, because we are not free to act irresponsibly compared with our environment if we strive for our autonomy.

In which dimensions our autonomy can manifest itself in the reality, stands in a direct connection with our possibilities to overcome the given forms of the dependence and foreign control (Kant). Besides, the manifestation is influenced and shaped by two elements: the possibilities for overcoming (what is available to me in which amount and form) and by the dependence itself (which form of the dependence is it and how strong it is).

Thus in Kant’s text „What is clarification?“ formulated claim for the courage to acquire your own mind, is the essential component of each autonomous considerations and actions. The courage to question the social requirements, to freeing yourself of it and to be able to notice yourself as a being of freedom. The annulment of the foreign legality (the heteronomy) is therefore the result of a used mind which can investigate the arrangement of the foreign legality and find ways to free itself in liberty. In which way are we defeated by foreign influence and the will of other which forms our lives?

Autonomy within the scope of a community becomes political by the urging on obliging decisions. Economically she becomes to autarky. The incentive of an economic independence concerns all our basic care with ground, water, warmth and energy. The political fight for water as a public common property influences our quite private independence, because water is the origin from and in all.

As long as we fight politically, we must create self-sufficient units to be economically independent of the result of the politics. Because this makes the fight stronger. We can overcome the heteronomy by autarky attempts in the practically everyday and produce the bases for a mental autonomy. Everything what we use has the potential to be produced by ourself.

The strength of self-sufficient systems lies therefore in the creation of a spiritual free space which can offer a base to an ethical rebellion. Autarky is our tool, an object for the freeing from the force of the everyday. If we only push the mental requirements in the head of each one to an ethical rebellion, we are able to change the economic system which lives of the competition and the fight for the access to resources of everyone.

A degrowth as a development to a sustainable life-style means for me above all a redemption of dependence. With the dismantling of the dependence on providers of our elementary resources water, energy and warmth we take away the access to our (financial) resources from the capital market and leave the resources in our circulations. The inflow of our financial resources to the capital market by repeatedly steered need satisfaction is prevented on and on.

Thus my work on the autarky as an engineer and visionary serves this vision of a microeconomic degrowth strengthened by autonomy. In my work manifest the ideas of sustainable, self-sufficient systems which can offer to every one a base for independent action. With my concentration on natural methods I put the concepts in the focus, which persist since centuries and are self-sufficiently and sustainable, because they leave dependence on companies outside.

Natural methods use almost always plants and materials which are regrowing, biologically degradable and reproduceable and can exist in a circulation which is natural. The sustainability of this methods is holistically, because plants are accessible as a natural raw material to everybody and must not be postbought as a expensive component. It is important to implement visions in the reality to be in it free to cause changes.



Es ist für nahezu allen GründerInnen nicht ganz leicht, ihrem Herzensprojekt mit den verfügbaren Ressourcen an Kraft, Zeit und Energie zu der Größe zu verhelfen, die es verdient. Wir alle müssen uns mit Unwegsamkeiten, finanziellen Problemen und Zeitknappheit herumschlagen und opfern dafür viel. Es ist Zeit, das zu ändern.

FINE DINING | Altes Kesselhaus 2020

I had teamed up with Michael for an evening for experimenting with a new kind of cuisine. The Zero Waste approach can be thought much further and brought into a holistic concept for a sustainable lifestyle that continues to think and transforms consumption into holistic cycles.

ZERO WASTE KITCHEN | Conference Generation Nachhaltigkeit

The creation of an active space creates the inspiration for own developments, because it encourages to lead the way actively and to develop on the protest. The Zero Waste Kitchen developed on numerous events to a frame construct for protest and activism.

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