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This beautiful tiny house had inside no furniture as it arrived the Campus in Berlin so I could start with an empty space. I sat on the floor and thought a lot about a good life in small space and a clever use of every inch in length, width and height. For me it was clear that the old requirements of living in a house can’t fit into a new life in a tiny house. So I began to work.

tiny housetiny house
tiny housetiny house


The walls are included in the arrangement of the interior design. The flat walls are given strips as well as color to connect the walls with the furniture and to form all to a composition.

tiny house


Not everything I need in my tiny house has to follow the old concepts and must be conventionally located in its once assigned places, obey the old divisions and correspond to the same sizes.

I thought about the storage for clothes and food, the kitchen and a lot about another rooms. Because I don’t have enough space to give every function the traditionell dimensions I concentrated a lot of functions in one space.

tiny house


I’m so happy about the huge space! There is a 2,5m x 2m space for sleeping and relaxing. On a tatami base I can sleep so wonderful and have also enough space for my books and tiny things.

tiny house


For small rooms in tiny houses I developed a special area for the use of water. I destroy the old structures and concepts of rooms and created a new area adapted to the conditions of tiny houses.

Do we really need a seperate special space for shower and one for the sink?
How can we save space?
How much space do we need for shower? And how much for washing?

tiny house


Besides the WATER AREA with shower and sink, which is connected to the water recycling system, I build a small storage room behind the ladder.
tiny house

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