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My vision began with a striving for a holistic independence which reduce the pressure on me. Steadily rising rents, housing shortage and claiming possession in the towns have become the performance pressure of the middle class which eats like an extensive fire through the heads of our republic. To have a salary is not enough any more and while the job becomes the leverage with which everyone of us can be blackmailed, we can hardly sleep and dream in daydreams of a life which earns this name again.

How can we escape from that pressure?
How do we create surroundings in which we can decouple our living of income?
What happens in our life if we had to pay no more rent? How freedom works?

Autarky is a thought which was strengthened in my Tiny House. A free and independent place to develop ideas and to create new. A place of the change and the independence. The Tiny House is the physical frame of my striving for freedom and develops on and on to a space of mad ways. With his wheels I‘m able to be on the way around the world.

The Tiny House grows more and more into the role of a mobile workspace. A place in which I work on creative sutsainable solutions, meet like-minded people and hunt new ideas, design installations and I am near by my urban garden. In the garden the ideas become real which are born on my “tiny” desk and the knowledge of experiments flows back as results and input again. Everything is here in connection and in a circulation and thus the Autarky in the comprehensive sense is perceptible for me in this Tiny House. The atmosphere of this vision drives me forward.


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