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THE GREEN TINY HOUSE | a reappraisal of the social critical aspects of autarky


Autarky is a holistical concept in which the society-critical reappraisal is enclosed. My work on the construction of self-sufficient, microeoconomic systems is beside the craft work carried out of an artistically critical concept which extends the purely practical value of the installation by the aspect of a criticism. Before I integrate this aspect into my installations, I work on the subject in texts, in projects, investigate to movements and criticism and integrate links to external interesting projects.


Zero Waste Kitchen | Conference Generation Nachhaltigkeit

The creation of an active space creates the inspiration for own developments, because it encourages to lead the way actively and to develop on the protest. The Zero Waste Kitchen developed on numerous events to a frame construct for protest and activism.

Die Schaffung eines Aktivraumes schafft die Inspiration für Eigenentwicklungen, da es ermutigt, aktiv voran zu gehen und den Protest fortzuentwickeln. Die Zero Waste Kitchen entwickelte sich auf den zahlreichen Veranstaltungen zu einem Rahmenkonstrukt für Protest und Aktivismus.


Redemption of dependence


Initiative: Blue community Berlin
Initiative: Berliner Wassertisch
Initiative: Food and Water Watch
Movie: Bottled Life
Movie: Water Makes Money
Movie: Everyday Rebellion

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